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Foundation Invisible Porcelaine

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INVISIBLE PORCELAIN FOUNDATION It is foundation with medium degree of coverage and with matte finish. It is the lightest shade in the range, suitable for very light / white skins. It has the ability to mask small imperfections of the skin and give a uniform appearance to the skin. The components in the composition of the INVISIBLE foundation have the role of: - hydration of the skin - stimulating collagen synthesis - antiseptic effect - with the help of hyaluronic acid in the composition, it offers a protective effect against premature aging of the skin Suitable for daily use, 24 HOURS RESISTANT AND TRANSFER RESISTANT. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN PARABENS AND NANO-INGREDIENTS !!!! The invisible mark wirlen skin foundations are suitable for oily, combination or normal skin. Shades: INVISIBLE LIGHT MOKA – the darkest shade, suitable for slightly tanned skin INVISIBLE PORCELAINS – the lightest shade, suitable for very light / white skin INVISIBLE SOFT BEIGE - medium shade, suitable for light / medium skin Weight : 30 ml
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The Mark Wirlen brand was created in 2016, through the joint efforts of the best Ukrainian and Italian masters, combining the best achievements of world cosmetology. All products are based on many years of experience in cosmetics, creativity and inspiration of makeup artists working directly to create the image of the Woman. Each product is designed to make daily makeup beautiful and accessible to every woman. Ukrainian cosmetics Mark Wirlen are created using the maximum amount of natural ingredients and nutrients. All product research and testing takes place in Italy and complies with the high quality standards of the European Union. Our products have received a well-deserved recognition from makeup artists from all over Europe and have become one of the most popular brands on the market. The authorization for placing on the market and marketing within the EU belongs to Colibri Cosmetics Adgroup SRL.
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